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Orders Must Be Placed By Sunday, November 18th.
We Will Be Open On Wednesday, November 21st Until 6:00 PM.

To Place an Order Please Call the Bakery at  215.248.9235

We will have signature menu items available as well

Savory Menu


Mushroom Bisque  
$6 Per Pint

Butternut Squash  
$6 Per Pint


Green Beans Almondine
10 Servings $30

Mashed Sweet Potatoes
10 Servings $30

Traditional Mashed Potatoes
10 Servings $30

Baby Green Salad
pecans, goat cheese, dry cranberries
12-15 Servings $40

Herb Stuffing
10 Servings $30

Turkey Gravy
$6 Per Pint

Cranberry Sauce
$7.50 Per Pint


Roasted Beef Tenderloin
-with horseradish sauce
Serves 12 $180

Turkey Breast
 Serves 10 $80

Quiche Lorraine or Spinach Parmesan 
 Serves 6-8 $25

Dessert Menu


9" Serves 6-8 People $28
*Carmel Apple Crumb
* Apple Crumble
*Cherry Crumble
*Chocolate Pecan
*Double Crust Apple
*Key Lime


7" Serves 6-8 People $26
10" Serves 10-12 People $42
*Cherry Crumble
*Blueberry Almond
*Chocolate Chess
*Chocolate Pecan
*Pear Almond


8" Serves 8-10 People $32
*Pumpkin Swirl
*Chocolate Chip


Pumpkin Pound
Medium $28
Large $36

Cranberry Almond
Medium $28
Large $36