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 Sustainability & Community 


Member Discounts

We offer 10% off
if you belong to the following organizations

* Weavers Way Co-op

* Friends of the Wissahickon

* Morris Arboretum



* Chestnut Hill Community Association

* Chestnut Hill Business Association

* Center for Enrichment

*Please show your membership card at the register.


In addition to supporting environmental organizations monetarily, we have taken the following steps to make the bakery more sustainable and reduce our carbon foot print.


* We installed new FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified hardwood flooring
* We painted using no-VOC paints
* We source local ingredients from Lancaster Farm Fresh (a farm cooperative)
* We grow herbs and vegetables for our savory items
* We compost food scraps using
* We eliminated plastic takeout bags
* We eliminated styrofoam
* We use recycled paper towels, napkins and menu paper
* We installed programmable thermostats to conserve energy
* We installed low flow faucet valves to conserve water
* We installed a rain barrel and use water collected for flower beds
* We have a full scale recycling program


The list of organizations that we belong to and donate to reflect our commitment to supporting our community and the causes that are most dear to our heart. Protecting the environment is at the top of our list!

Organizations We Belong To
Food Fair Philly
Chestnut Hill Business Association
Amy is a past member of the CHBA Board of Directors, Executive Board and the Marketing Committee

Organizations We Donate To
St Vincent De Paul
("soup kitchen" in Germantown)