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Mocha Chocolate Cake

This cake has a bit of coffee but the predominate flavor is chocolate! It is very rich and moist like a devils food cake.

Yellow Cake

Our yellow cake is unique– it could be the love child of a pound cake and sponge cake marriage. It is moist, rich, and enhanced by a bit of citrus.

Carrot Cake

The Night Kitchen’s carrot cake is a traditional recipe with raisins but no nuts.

Chocolate Chip Yellow Cake

A very popular cake especially with the kids! This cake is great with filling or none at all.

Red Velvet Cake

A traditional Southern light chocolate cake tinged with red.


Our Yellow Cake swirled with colorful sprinkles.

Cake Fillings

Classic Vanilla Frosting

This classic icing has three ingredients: butter, sugar and vanilla.

Chocolate Mousse

This traditional recipe is the perfect filling in either the Mocha Chocolate Cake or the Yellow Cake.

Lemon Curd

The Lemon Curd cake is our second most popular dessert item at The Night Kitchen. It is our Yellow Cake filled with Lemon Curd. It is a great dessert all year round.

Raspberry Jam or Raspberry Butter Cream

We import our seedless raspberry jam from Switzerland. It is a terrific filling for either the Chocolate or Yellow Cake.

Strawberry Butter Cream

We mix Strawberry Jam with our butter cream to create a flavor that everyone loves specially kids!

Hazelnut Butter Cream

For nut lovers ! This creamy rich filling is absolutely decadent paired with our Mocha Chocolate Cake!

Mocha Chocolate Icing

Our most popular cake, Mocha Mousse, is iced with Mocha Icing. This dark rich chocolate icing is also great as a filling.

Vanilla Butter Cream

The second most popular icing also works well as a filling especially for young children.