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Our Cakes, Tarts, Best of Philly Brownies, Cookies and other desserts are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.
A Night Kitchen dessert is the ultimate bite of deliciousness that your family and friends will always remember.
We make our pies dough with 100 % butter, no trans-fats, for a crispier pie crust.


To expedite the process of ordering a custom cake you can send along photos of cakes using our new sharing option from
Specialty Cakes & Wedding Cakes pages, with the number of people you would like to serve & your telephone number to

* Starred items are made daily and available for walk in purchases.
* Writing on a cake only takes a minute and we always have a pastry chef on duty!

Limited Hours During Pandemic

7 Days A Week 8am-3pm

Here is what you need to know:

* A mask is required!
* We will allow 4 people in the shop at a time
* Please maintain 6 ft of distance from others
* If you have placed an order & do not want to enter the shop, let the   door person know so they can grab your order
* We will be making lunch items again and serving a limited menu

* We will continue to have limited hours: OPEN 7 DAYS 8am-4pm

We have missed you & look forward to seeing your smiling eyes again!

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Mocha Mousse Cake

Filled with Chocolate Mousse & Chocolate Icing

Yellow Cake

Lemon Curd Cake

Raspberry Chocolate Cake

Rasberry Jam Filling and Rasberry Buttercream Icing

Praline Cake

Chocolate cake layered with hazelnut buttercream

* order only/ 48 hours notice

Carrot Cake

Traditional recipe with raisins and cream cheese frosting


* 5 days notice required

Peach Upside Down Cake

*48 hours notice required
*Serves 10-12 people

Strawberry & Cream Cake

*3 days notice required

German Chocolate Cake

*4 Days Notice Required

Breakfast Treats

In addition to our famous cinnamon buns and scones, we offer items such as Jewish apple cake and muffins.
*Breakfast treats usually sell out by midday but are discounted after 4pm.

* Breakfast orders require 48 hours notice.

Jewish Apple Cake

Sour Cream & Pecan Coffee Cake

Danish & Snails

Cinnamon Buns





20 Servings start at $67     |     30 Servings start at $90

6″ serves 6-8 people  |  8″ serves 10-12 people | 10″ serves 14-16 people
* Standard designs require 24 hours notice
* Larger cakes are also available



Individual Puddings

Bring back your jar with lid and get 50 cents back.


7″ serves 6-8 people
10″ serves 8-10 people


9″ serves 6-8 people

Individual Desserts

Iced Brownies

Our double fudge brownies. As seen on the Rachael Ray Show!



Individual Tarts


We have a large assortment of cookies sold by the piece or pound including the following: